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The Way We Will Have Become
The Future (Histories) of Computers and Writing
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Saturday, May 30, 1998, 9:00-10:30 am
Facilitator/Moderator: Dene Grigar
Topic: "The Writing *in* Computers"
Invited Speakers and Their Position Statements
Bill Condon
Joel English
Gail Hawisher
Judi Kirkpatrick
Cindy Selfe
Victor Vitanza
Moderator's Response Dene Grigar 
Reporter's Transcript courtesy of Eric Crump
and RhetNet
Generative Questions for This Meeting
  1. Where is writing headed? 
  2. Are we teaching the kind of writing needed by our constituents? 
  3. How will we assess success when we use computers in the electronic classroom? 
  4. Have we lost the "writing" in computers and writing? If so, is a mistake, or are there bigger things we can gain by teaching "writing" in MOOs, or writing to the WWW? 
  5. Do we still call this writing? 
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