Volume 2, Issue 2 Fall 1997
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For an introduction to the CoverWeb concept, see Michael J. Salvo's LoggingOn  piece about the promises and pitfalls of multi-vocal academic texts. If you have questions, problems, concerns, and even if you have good things to say, please use let us know.

  Cover Web

Gender and Electronic Discourse

This issue's CoverWeb presents four hypertexts, each of which considers a different aspect of the effect of electronic discourse upon gender and/or the effect of gender theory upon electronic discourse.

In addition to the four main nodes, this issue's CoverWeb offers three commentaries on the topic of Gender and Electronic Discourse: a discussion list excerpt by Cindy Wambeam, an argument that electronic discourse isn't changing gender relationships by Lisa Gerrard, and an excerpt from the introduction to Kris Blair and Pamela Takayoshi's Feminist Cyberscapes: Essays on Gender in Electronic Spaces.

CoverWeb Overview

Gendering the Machines/Engendering the Web


Engendering Encounter: How We Experience Gender in Computers and the Role of Gender Assignment in Accepting Transformations from Traditional to Multimedia Classrooms
Nancy Barta-Smith and William Lantry

Navigating the Image of Woman Online
Kristine Blair and Pamela Takayoshi

Harassment On-Line
Julia Ferganchick-Neufang

Thoughts on Computers, Gender, and the Body Electric
Lisa Gerrard

The Censoring of Project #17
Dean Rehberger

Speaking of the MOOn: Textual Realities and the Body Electric
Sandye Thompson

On Gender and Electronic Discourse
Cindy Wambeam