LoggingOn So Ya Wanna Be An Editorial Boarder?  by Nick Carbone

Tier Two: Editor as Mentor

Once an editorial board member has been assigned to work on a contribution with its author(s), the editorial board member has two roles. One, to help the author meet any requests for revision the editorial board saw as necessary, and two, to provide any needed feedback and suggestions on shaping the web as the revision occurs. The editorial board member becomes a person the author can work with, whose opinions the author can draw upon. The goal is to establish a collaborative and supportive author/board member partnership that helps the author get the contribution into publishable shape. The preferred method is for editorial board members and authors to reach agreement on how to meet editorial board requests. The dynamics of this process we leave to editorial board members and writers to work out; we can't predict, nor do we dare impose, detailed protocols. We trust all involved will find an agreeable way to work.

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