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Who reads Kairos ? Our friends. At least that's the short answer--the people we meet on ACW-L, MBU-L, RHETNET-L, or the Pre/Text lists to name a few--the people we see at the computer sessions at the CCCC's, or at the Computers and Writing or regional ACW conferences. People we know by e-mail address before we know their faces. At least that's the tangible audience.

In the editorial board discussions for the 2.1 Issue, the question of audience was linked (there's that word again) to questions of content and of the journal's name. Ted Nellen suggested a useful change in our name, from Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments to Kairos: A Webbed Journal for Teachers of Writing. Whether the name change takes place, Ted's alternative is the better way to help us imagine our audience.

That is, we don't want to exclude writing teachers who have yet to teach on the Internet. As we know, most teachers do teach in a hypertextual environment, they just don't all do it with computer technology, but the traits hypertext exploits (when hypertext creators allow it)--integrated thinking, the reader-as-writer, synthesizing varied sources, contextualizing one's thoughts, collaborating with other writers--existed long before computers made it possible to both capture and unleash those intellectual dynamics. Thus, we want to include every writing teacher who has access to the Internet. While many of the contributions will naturally focus on Internet-based teaching, such as the Coverweb on MOOs in education from issue 1.2, other pieces might focus on local area networks, or the growing use of Web technology on Intranets.

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