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Reviews, Reports, and Correspondence

Kairos  webs include reviews of other websites, e-mail lists, and the new "PaperText" section. The Sections Editor will both commission reviews and accept unsolicited submissions of reviews. Reviewers deal directly with the Sections Editor, and on occasion, with other reviewers. For example, the Spring '97 semester issue of Kairos  contains debut "PaperText" section, a collection of reviews of print books written about the Internet. These reviews are linked in a bridge piece written by one of the co-editors. The reviewers also looked over one another's work, sending comments back and forth to one another. In effect, writing the reviews in this case functioned similarly to a CoverWeb.

Kairos  webs also include reports from conferences, notices of upcoming events, and e-mail to the editors. E-mail is both static--saved messages archived in a given issue--and dynamic--linked to net.thread discussion software.

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