Assessment Tool for Scholarly Webtexts


Assessment Category A: Print-based Conventions

1.  Content

a)  Clear goals

b)  Adequate preparation

c)  Appropriate methods

2.  Arrangement

3.  Documentation

a) Inclusion of quotation and paraphrase

b) Style: in-text citation

c) Inclusion of references node

d) Style: references

4.  Tone

Assessment Category B: Web-based Conventions

5.  Structural design 

a) Structural options

b) Type of structural design (select all that apply)

6.  Form/content relationship

a) Form/content fit

b) Rationale for the formal design

7.  Navigation design

a) Overview

b) Textual or graphical webviews

c) Navigation directions

8.  Link strategy

a) Type of link contextualization  (select all that apply)

b) Rhetoric of arrivals and departures

c) Link stability

d) Link reference

9.  Node strategy

a) Chunked content

b) Self-contained content

10.  Visual design

a) Typographic style   

b) Background and font color

c) Link feedback

11.  Multimedia incorporation

a) Webtext composition

b) Semiotic nature

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