Concluding Remarks

If you have a student standing on the ledge of his or her dormitory ready to jump because that student fears the Internet, then give that student this book, leave the computer on, and go home to bed. In the morning, that student will be surfing the net, not splattered on the pavement below.

To gain a better understanding of the minds of the authors, the reader could merely read from the Preface a great MOO interaction between the authors titled Eavesdropping on the Authors.

Much of the intent of the book is highlighted here.

The book and the website bring to mind the first classic movie in which sound was heard, The Jazz Singer. In this movie, Al Jolson says, "You ain't heard nothing yet." With the English Online: A Student's Guide to the Internet and World Wide Web, you ain't seen nothing yet. This is the beginning of a new publishing concept boldly undertaken by Eric Crump, Nick Carbone, and Houghton Mifflin Company.

The best thing to do is :) and GOWI.

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