Part Four:

Chapters 17-19

Part Four on Resources expands upon Part Two by giving more indepth information about how some Internet tools can be used by the English student to complete the tasks of the English class. The authors provide lists of listservs appropriate to the English student. Some starting Gopher sites and WWW sites are provided. Some specific listservs, from Chaucer to writing process forums, provide the student with examples of some listservs to join.

The Kovacs Directory is highlighted as a good place to learn about discussion groups. Then some specific lists are recommended as places to start: Amlit-L, Ansax-L, Crewrt-L, and EST-SL. In addition, some useful USENET Groups for Writing and Literature are given as starters.

Introducing the students to some of the search engines of the WWW and Gopher sites will get the student started. Specific search tools include: Archie, Veronica, WAIS, All-In-One, AltaVista, Lycos, and Webcrawler. Existing online English classes are provided as well as scholarly societies, writing resources, and OWL's (OnLine Writing Labs). Additional resources include online publications from government, academic, and commercial web sites.

Chapter 19 is a potpourri of Internet help from print and online sources. It is an Internet resource bibliography which is very complete and will be expanded on the companion website, I'm sure.

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