Part Five:

Chapter 20

Part Five is a single chapter which is a perfect segue to the companion website. This chapter offers real time activities for the student who hasn't already taken the plunge into the Internet pool. This is the chapter where the authors throw the student into the pool, and the student sinks or swims. But our lifeguards are nearby with "Helpful Hints" and their companion website.

The authors begin with USENET because it is so universal and teaches some rudimentary email functions. The activities include getting to know how to access USENET, how to use a newsreader, how to subscribe, how to post a new message, and how to save a message. The authors delve into newsgroups for English students and tell of specific newsgroups like Tom Clancy's. Appealing to the likes of the students is an effective way of getting the user involved for more business oriented activities in class. The authors get specific in some hints on how to post an effective message and not a lame one when asking for information. Posing the question is an art and requires good writing skills. The authors point this out and provide solid examples.

The next actiivity asks the student to find someone on the net using any number of search engines on college campuses or Veronica, WebCrawler, Lycos, and a number of Netfind addresses. The authors provide an example of how you might find someone at Trinity College using a BOOLean search pattern.

Searching activities include a Veronica, WAIS, and various WWW search engines to accomplish certain tasks. These activities are designed to help the student get his or her toe wet.

Everyone into the water, Surf is up!.

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