Pixelated Rhetorics: Re-imagining Interactivity in Kairos

As Kairos  completes its first year of publication with this issue (1.3), the editorial board and staff are carefully considering and implementing changes that we hope will make the journal a more valuable and more accessiblere source for writing teachers in the humanities.

We have, among other issues currently under discussion, expanded our editorial board and hired a new staff member to fill the role of "Coverweb Liaison." More than any other goal we might have, though, we are interested in making Kairos  a more interactive, hyper/inter-textual site for the exchange of ideas. In our first issue, we wrote that "Pixelated Rhetorics" had

"... aspirations to become a site of dialogue of issues important to the expanding and changing fields Kairos  addresses. If the format seems familiar, it should; it appropriates Rhetoric Review's  definition of the "Burkean Parlor" of academic discourse ... we also recognize the homonym "pixilated" ... whimsical and playful. The best kinds of Burkean Parlors always are."

What precisely is  the "best kind" of Burkean Parlor for an academic enterprise like Kairos?  That's precisely where we seek your input. How can we "pixelate our rhetorics" more effectively to provide for multivocality in the ongoing conversation? A Hypernews site? A distribution list? A listserve? What other possiblities exist? Please let us know; and in our next issue (2.1 -- February 1997) look for further discussion of the changes we will be making as we embark on our second  year of publication.

Previously-pixelated Rhetorics ...

Turning Technophobes into Technofaculty
Dean Fontenot, Texas Tech University

Is it Time to Assess Our Claims about Good Writing?
Jeff Galin, University of Pittsburgh

... an interesting list of educational practices that we abhorred.
Richard Selfe, Michigan Technological University

RhetNet: Wondering and Wandering and Cyberpublishing
Eric Crump, University of Missouri

Calling All Writing Teachers?
Bill Hart-Davidson, Purdue University

Pull Up a Chair
Amy Hanson, Texas Tech University
Elizabeth Pass, Texas Tech University

Building a Print/Digital Interface
Michael J. Salvo, Texas Tech University

Douglas Eyman Joins Kairos  Staff in New Coverweb Role

Kairos  Editorial Board Adds Ten New Members

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KAIROSKairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments.
Vol. 1 No. 3 Autumn 1996