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Kairos  Editorial Board Adds Ten New Members

Press Release issued August 20, 1996

TROY, NY -- The editorial board of Kairos: A Journal For Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments,  sponsored by the Alliance for Computers and Writing, is pleased to announce the addition of ten new members, who will join the Kairos  team beginning in September of this year for the production cycle of issue 2.1 (Winter 1997). These additions bring to a total of 18 the number of scholars contributing their talents to the production of Kairos  in that role.

The new "kairoi" are Nick Carbone, Marlboro State College and the University of Massachussets; Joel English, Ball State University; Dene Grigar, Texas Woman's University; Terry Harpold, Georgia Institute of Technology; Johndan Johnson-Eilola, Purdue University; Judith Kirkpatrick, Kapi'olani Community College; Susan Lang, Southern Illinois University; Ted Nellen, Murry Bergtrum High School of New York; Anthony Rue, University of Florida; and Cindy Wambeam, New Mexico State University.

According to Wambeam, "I see this as both an opportunity to participate in an exciting shift in communication, and as an open challenge to work well within a dynamic, and yes, controversial medium." English adds, "I believe [Kairos ] is becoming a predominant journal in our field, webbed, printed, or otherwise ... I am thrilled to contribute as an Editorial Board member."

A position on the Kairos  Editorial Board focuses on interactive peer commentary with contributing authors of Feature, News, Review and Coverweb materials, in a non-blind review process. As the invitation to these new Board members stated, "This is a new kind of peer review, and to be blunt, we are making it up as we go along. Each member of the current Editorial Board has been encouraged to develop his or her own style of reviewing, and to make that style as author-specific as possible."

Harpold believes that Kairos'  "openness to a wide variety of 'uses' of hypertext -- [and] 'use' is a word that I have a hard time saying without also enunciating the scarequotes -- is encouraging, and seems an appropriate and even wise approach for a journal of this kind." Carbone adds, "There's not a whole lot in our profession that is actually fun *and* worthwhile, but Kairos,  like Rhetnet,  is that. I'm happy to leave the bored and join the board."

The ten newest Editorial Board members will join Wayne Butler, University of Michigan; Eric Crump, University of Missouri; Dean Fontenot, Texas Tech University; Jeff Galin, University of Pittsburgh; Bill Hart-Davidson, Purdue University; Lee Honeycutt, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Steve Krause, Southern Oregon State College; and Richard Selfe, Michigan Technological University in inventing and re-inventing the interactive electronic peer review process which is integral to the publication of the journal. Rebecca Rickly, University of Michigan, is also a member of the Editorial Board, but currently on a one-issue sabbatical.

For more information about Kairos,  please contact Editor Mick Doherty at mick@rpi.edu. The Fall 1996 issue is due for publication release in early September.

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    KAIROS Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments.
    Vol. 1 No. 3 Autumn 1996