Volume 1, Issue 3 Fall 1996
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Rethinking the Academy: Problems and Possibilities of Teaching, Scholarship, Authority, and Power in Electronic Environments

What are the problems and possibilities inherent in the academy as it exists in a web of social, political, technological, and legal forces that are mostly beyond its own control? Dorwick emphasizes scholarship and teaching, with a contrast to the problems and possibilities that are increasingly evident as growing numbers of teachers and students begin to experiment with the creation of knowledge in cyberspace.


by Keith Dorwick


Surveying the Body Electric, or How Voyeurism Transforms Audience and E-valuation

Employing the techniques of "appropriation" and "inversion," Krause demonstrates how the activities of surveillance, voyeurism, and exhibitionism change our definitions of authorship, and asks us to consider how those changes may force us to re-imagine the power we enact and serve in our grading techniques.


by Tim Krause


Hyped-Up for Friends: Cultural Studies and Web Research in Composition

Are web sites simply hyped-up virtual representations of the American popular experience, decontextualized information wrapped up in unfamiliar space? Sidler demonstrates and discusses the use and usefulness of a cultural studies assignment which explores the ways in which popular visual media reflect--and impact on--larger social, political and economic conditions.


by Michelle Sidler