Zin/ography is a poetics or a 5 step method for writing with identification. I generated the 5 steps from several ingredients: Roland Barthes' theory of identification, fan writing, electronic literacy, and postmodern art practices. As a method, zin/ography represents an attempt to transform academic writing and it's love affair with critical distance into an interface that fits electronic writing technologies. The five instructions needed to write zin/ographically follow:

Step 1: Write your fascinations. Stage the image-repertoire of your fandom.

Step 2: Include discursive examples of your image-repertoire from the four domains of the pop cycle.

Step 3: Write your fragments in various modes; use multiple genres to compose the text.

Step 4: Foreground aesthetic logic; arrange the text according to a pattern.

Step 5: Remotivate textual meaning through juxtaposition sequenced by the associational link.