International Association for Semiotic Studies
Association Internationale de la Semiotique IASS-AIS

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Guadalajara, Mexico -- July, 13-18, 1997

This is already the 6th Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (founded in 1969). The five previous congresses were held in Milano (1974), Vienna (1979), Palermo (1984), Barcelona & Perpignan (1989), and Berkeley (1994).

The development of science during the last decades has shown the need of an interdisciplinary dialogue between scholars investigating nature and culture in the different corners of the world. Semiotics has shown that it has an important role to play in this scientific intercourse: It provides a sign-theoretic basis for the coming together of anthropologists, linguists, literary critics, communicologists, mathematicians, biologists, physicists, and others, in an open debate to increase our knowledge about ourselves in our relation with nature and culture.

This is an international academic event open to all scientific communities which will permit to get in touch in a direct manner with recent developments in the field of semiotics and neighboring disciplines. Since it is the Congress of the IASS-AIS, participants are invited to join the Association (for membership information see below).

Plenary Speakers:
-- Mieke Bal (The Netherlands)
-- Jean-Claude Gardin (France)
-- Junzo Kawada (Japan)
-- Floyd Merrell (USA)
-- Michael O'Toole (Australia)

English, French, and Spanish (plenary sessions will have simultaneous translation). Participants should send the title and an abstract of 200 words in any of the three official languages.

For more details, visit the conference website

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