Calls for Papers in English & American Literature Listserv

For the last two years, the English Department at the University of Pennsylvania has kept a collection of calls for papers, conference announcements, etc., on English and American literature, on Penn's English Web and English Gopher.

To facilitate the exchange of information on upcoming conferences and publication opportunities, Penn English has created an electronic mailing list, cfp@english.upenn.edu. We encourage conference or panel organizers and volume editors to find the largest possible audience for their announcements by posting them on this list.

Announcements can include upcoming conferences, panels, essay collections, and special journal issues related to English and American literature, and can include calls for completed papers, abstracts, and proposals. The boundaries are flexible: all English-language literatures, cultural studies, queer theory, bibliography, humanities computing, and comparative literature (even when not concerned specifically with English or American literature) are within the pale. Conferences or panels devoted exclusively to literature not in English, to music or art, to history, etc., are excluded unless they are relevant to students of English and American literature, as are lecture series, regular meetings of small local societies, fellowship opportunities, etc.


To subscribe to the list, address a message to


Do NOT send subscription messages to cfp@english.upenn.edu. The subject line can be anything, but the body of the message should read

subscribe cfp

There should be nothing else: no name, no E-mail address. You should receive a confirmation message after a few minutes. If you have any questions, contact Jack Lynch.


Those interested in the calls for papers need not subscribe to the list directly. The announcements will be archived (within a few days of their posting) and available on the World Wide Web at


and on the English Gopher at


There they'll be grouped under rubrics (such as Renaissance, American, Theory, Gender Studies) to make browsing easier. They'll remain there until the conference has taken place. Please check to see whether they've been posted already before sending additional copies.

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