Calls for Papers in English & American Literature Listserv


All panel organizers and volume editors are encouraged to make their calls for papers or proposals on cfp@english.upenn.edu. Calls can take any format in the body of the message. The subject line, though, should be as informative as possible (to enable browsers to find relevant announcements quickly), and should take the following form:

CFP: Topic of Conference (deadline; conference date)

Messages that don't conform to this standard may be rejected.

The subject line has to fit in 67 characters, so be both brief and clear in describing the topic of the conference. Some tips:

*Rather than a cryptic panel title like "Imagined Encounters," use a descriptive entry like "New World in 16th c."

*Put dates in numerals, in American notation (month/day). Specify the year only if the conference is more than a year in the future. Include both the deadline for submissions and the date of the conference.

*In the case of major conferences where the name of the conference will be more useful than the dates (e.g., MLA, ASECS, NASSR, Kalamazoo), specify that instead.

*If the conference takes place outside North America, or if it's a graduate-student conference, note that as well.

Some examples:

CFP: Communities & Communication (10/2; 12/1-12/2)
CFP: Inst. for Early Am. Hist. & Culture (9/30; 5/31-6/2)
CFP: Improvisation & Virtuosity (3/1; MLA)
CFP: 18th-c. Short Story (8/18; ASECS)
CFP: Romanticism in Theory (Denmark) (2/1; 6/28-6/30)
CFP: Meaning in Middle Ages & Ren (grad) (6/30; 9/29-9/30)


Preface the subject lines of all announcements with "CFP," and make the descriptions as clear as possible, to enable subscribers to sort through incoming mail.

Please check to see whether announcements have already appeared on the list before sending additional copies. Remember, it may take several days for an announcement on the list to appear on the English Web or in the English Gopher.

In order to keep traffic to a minimum, the mailing list is strictly for announcements, not for discussions of conferences. Advertisements of commercial products or services not directly related to the purpose of the list are forbidden.


To unsubscribe, address a message to


(not cfp@english.upenn.edu!) reading just "unsubscribe cfp" (don't include your name or address). If you have any questions, write to Jack Lynch at


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