A hypertext journal provides the space for people to fully express themselves. We are trained throughout the educational process that we must think in a linear manner. This is true even though the brain processes information and ideas as a holistic manufacturer. If thoughts are constructed in a unique, holistic manner, why is writing restricted to such a limiting format? Hypertext allows the writer the space to investigate how the random ideas become a cohesive whole. There is an ordered chaos about this process. A person can create her own order with the external and internal links available, but the reader can also re-create that order in an innovative way. Many people are concerned about the reader's ability to truly interact with the medium and text presented. This is understandable. However cyberspace can be an exciting space that allows people the opportunity to free themselves from the confines of "the need to control" and instead focus on the exchange of ideas.
We must allow ourselves the time to adjust to this new medium. We still do not know all of the possibilities that hypertext holds. What is interesting about this medium is that the words and ideas are not the only things that evolve; the medium evolves too. Every time we turn on the computer there is the possibility for something new to be on the Web, or a new software that provides hypertext with a few new features. Print was and is a brilliant medium, but print is static, always engraved on the page it was originally printed upon. As print is a necessary medium, so is hypertext because it provides the space for the integration of writing, drawing, and media. Hopefully, in the future, hypertext will be a new, accepted form of expression that is fully understood.