Not (Necessarily) a Cosmic

Rhetoric, Poetics,
and the Web

Myka Vielstimmig


Originally a performance combining elements of reader's theatre with theoretical critique, this work both advocates and enacts a revisioning of written academic genres. Arguing that postmodern argument can involve linear exposition alongside verbal collage and that it can benefit from visual modes of thinking, the piece embeds works of art from the cubist period and later. In performance, these visuals were projected on a large screen behind the readers, as well as on computer screens around the room. Now rendered for webtext format, the work varies fonts, colors and margins to approximate the interplay of voices and visuals in the original live work. Links are provided to explanatory notes and other helpful apparatus.

This web was peer-reviewed by Kristine Blair and Lee Honeycutt of the Kairos Editorial Board.

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The collective authorship of this piece is credited to Myka Vielstimmig, the electronic writing partnership of Kathleen Blake Yancey, of the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, and Michael Spooner, of Utah State University. Since "Vielstimmig" is German for "many-voiced," the Myka team appropriately includes several other members on this occasion. You may read more about this group on the "bio" page within the work.

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Note: Because this webtext is the product of a unique performance, the authors have decided not
to maintain an "active version"; the link above, then, will take you to the archived version.


Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments.
Vol. 3 No. 2 Fall 1998