A Review of Bridging the Multimodal Gap: From Theory to Practice

Ed. Santosh Khadka & J. C. Lee

By Khadeidra (Khay) Billingsley & Kathleen Lewis

Table of Contents for Bridging the Multimodal Gap: From Theory to Practice

"Introduction: Extending the Conversation: Theories, Pedagogies, and Practices of Multimodality" by Santosh Khadka and J. C. Lee

Section I: Multimodal-Process Work

Chapter 1: "On Multimodality: A Manifesto" by Rick Wysocki, Jon Udelson, Caitlin E. Ray, Jessica S. B. Newman, Laura Sceniak Matravers, Ashanka Kumari, Layne M. P. Gordon, Khirsten L. Scott, Michelle Day, Michael Baumann, Sara P. Alvarez, and Dànielle Nicole DeVoss

Chapter 2: "Reimagining Multimodality through UDL: Inclusivity and Accessibility" by Elizabeth Kleinfeld

Chapter 3: "Dissipating Hesitation: Why Online Instructors Fear Multimodal Assignments and How to Overcome the Fear" by Jessie C. Borgman

Section II: Composing Across Media

Chapter 4: "Reversing the Process: Video Composition and the Ends of Writing" by Mark Pedretti and Adam Perzynski

Chapter 5: "Thinking beyond Multimodal Projects: Incorporating Multimodal Literacy into Composing and Reflection Processes" by Tiffany Bouelle, Angel Clark-Oates, Andrew Bourelle, Matthew Irwin, and Breanne Potter

Chapter 6: "Archiving Digital Journaling in First-Year Writing" by Steven Alvarez

Section III: Affordances, Learning, & Challenges

Chapter 7: "Blogging Multimodality: A Multiyear Study of Graduate-Student Composing Practices" by Kathleen Blake Yancey

Chapter 8: "When Multimodality Gets Messy: Perception, Materiality, and Learning in Written–Aural Remediation" by Jennifer J. Buckner

Chapter 9: "Entering the Multiverse: Using Comings to Experiment with Multimodality, Multigenres, and Multiliteracies" by Rebecca Thorndike-Breeze, Aaron Block, and Kara Mae Brown

Chapter 10: "Digital Storytelling in the L2 Graduate Writing Classroom: Expanding the Possibilities of Personal Expression and Textual Borrowing" by Joel Bloch

Chapter 11: "Multimodality, Transfer, and Rhetorical Awareness: Analyzing the Choices of Undergraduate Writers" by Stephen Ferruci and Susan DeRosa

Section IV: Multimodal Assessment

Chapter 12: "Distributed Assessment from the Runway to the Classroom: A Model for Multimodal Writing Assessment" by Areti Sakellaris

Chapter 13: Multimodal Pedagogy and Multimodal Assessment: Toward a Reconceptualization Traditional Frameworks" by Shane A. Wood

"(In Leau of an) Afterword: Rewriting the Difference of Multimodality: Composing Modality and Langauge as Practice" by Bruce Horner