Abstract Introduction Ch. 2—Toward a Virtue Ethics in Digital Rhetoric Ch. 3—The Practice of Equality as a Virtue Ch. 4—Care in Remix and Digital Sampling Ch. 5—Generosity in Social Media Technology Ch. 6—A Virtue of Patience in Environmental Networks Ch. 7—Future Applications of Hexeis in Networked Societies Key Takeaways References About the Author

Rhetoric, Technology, and the Virtues by Jared S. Colton and Steve Holmes

Reviewed by Jonathan Marine

About the Author

Jonathan Marine is a PhD student in the Writing and Rhetoric program at George Mason University. His research interests include enthymematic rhetoric, the pedagogy and theory of James Moffett, and the rhetoric of material/public inscription. He holds an MA in British Literature, a BS in English, and a BA in Psychology.

The author would like to thank all those who read and gave feedback for this review, especially Philip Broome.