Film Production

Photo of Michael Mitchell

Top Billing Goes to:

Michael Mitchel!!! And the AMPT Team at UNC Charlotte. To say that I am indebted to the AMPT team would be an understatement. Without them, and especially Mike, this work would not have been possible. My vision for this work was never questioned, no matter what I threw Mike's way. Mike went above and beyond in executing this work and exceeded all expectations. He understood my ideas more than I did at times. This is, in many ways, just as much Mike's work as it is mine. Thank you, Mike, for your willingness to take a chance on crazy ideas and for all of your work, both known and unknown.

Musical Accompaniment

Thank you to the following bands for your generosity in providing gratis use of instrumental elements for your work. And, readers, you should check them out!

Album cover for Ages and Ages' Me You They We: black and white drawing of a person wearing a skeleton costume sitting in a chair Album cover for Cowboy Junkies' Best Of: black and white drawing of four men and one woman with a tree, snake, and candles in the background Album cover for the Wild Reeds' Cheers: black and white photo of plastic ribbons with the word CHEERS on top


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