A Review of Bad Ideas About Writing, Edited by Cheryl E. Ball and Drew M. Loewe

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About Us

Photo of Brandie Bohney

Brandie Bohney left teaching English at the secondary level to study how teachers learn to teach writing to middle and secondary students. She is a PhD student at Bowling Green State University, and she is also interested in devalued Englishes in the English language arts classroom, discovery learning, and pedagogies of "grammar."

Photo of Jonathan Brownlee

Jonathan Brownlee is a PhD candidate at Bowling Green State University. His current academic interests include embodiment, cultural rhetorics, historical rhetoric, and the connection between rhetoric and philosophy. Outside of academia, Jonathan is an artist and the author of the novel Soliloquy.

Photo of Renee Ann Drouin

Renee Ann Drouin is a PhD student in Rhetoric and Writing at Bowling Green State University. Primarily concerned with applying feminist rhetorical applications to video game scholarship, she also focuses on writing center pedagogy and popular culture studies.

Photo of Ran Meyer

Ran Meyer is a doctoral student in the Rhetoric and Writing Program at Bowling Green State University. Prior to his reincarnation as a graduate student, he served as a litigation and education law attorney and equity partner in a public-sector corporate law firm. His research interests include law and social thought, writing assessment, and critical pedagogy.

Photo of Bailey Poland

Bailey Poland is a PhD student in Rhetoric and Writing at Bowling Green State University. Her areas of focus include feminist rhetorics, digital rhetorics, and archival research, particularly concerning marginalized voices in all three areas. She is the author of Haters: Harassment, Abuse, and Violence Online.

Photo of Brian Urias

Brian Urias is a PhD student in Rhetoric and Writing and the assistant director of General Studies Writing at Bowling Green State University. He has professional interests in online writing instruction, writing transfer, and writing program administration.

Photo of Lena Ziegler

Lena Ziegler is a PhD student in Rhetoric and Writing at Bowling Green State University where she researches gender, sexuality, and the rhetoric of consent and desire, with a particular interest in blending critical and creative scholarship. She is the editor and co-founder of the literary journal The Hunger and is a writer of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.