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This interview comes at a time when more of us use mobile devices in online, networked, and global communication. Kirk St. Amant and Rich Rice have studied the impact of globalization on rhetoric, professional, and technical communication. In this interview, St. Amant and Rice address several questions relating to the issues introduced by culture in online writing and global contexts.

  • Impetus: Why culture is a factor in online writing and global contexts
  • Culture: How culture impacts global composition and online writing contexts
  • The 3Cs Approach: How contacting, conveying, and connecting creates kairos
  • Location and Medium: How to think globally and compose locally
  • Friction Points: How to identify cultural contact zones for effective international communication
  • Directions: Which research takes place in online writing in global contexts
  • Praxis: How their thinking has evolved on these issues
  • Future Work: What's next for Kirk and Rich
  • Links: What key sources to consult on culture and technology

Navigating this Webtext: To read this webtext, you can use the top navigation at any time to start reading a section, while the bottom navigation is used for sequentially moving through the interview sections. Due to the order in which the interview occurred, Kirk's answers are presented first, followed by Rich's answer. To switch between their answers, select their respective buttons at the top of each page.

—webtext & interview by Gustav Verhulsdonck 2017

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