Video Game Review

Type:Rider (2013)

Elizabeth J. Fleitz

In this video, I review the 2013 iOS/Android/Steam game Type:Rider, created by French company Cosmografik. The game chronicles the history of typography from its origins in cave paintings to present day digital technologies. Each level of the game is focused on presenting a single typeface, situating the form of the alphabetic letters within a specific historical and cultural moment. The gameplay involves the player jumping and running around each letter, attempting to avoid obstacles and traps along the way. This review looks further at the impact of the gamespace that takes symbols with alphabetic meaning (the letter "A," for instance) and reconstructs them to have a physical meaning within the level (using the angled sides of the "A" like a ramp, trying not to get stuck on the peak at the top). This video reviews the gameplay, evaluates its pedagogical usefulness, and explores how this game illustrates Ian Bogost's notion of procedural rhetoric.

A PDF transcript of the video is available here.

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