A photo of an older man standing beside a sign for a farm. The image is overlaid with text describing the title and author of the webtext.

Affective Connections to Place:

By Megan Adams, The University of Findlay


This webtext examines the affordances of audio-visual composing in assisting students to connect to cultural and geographic communities outside of campus and to interrogate their own personal perceptions of and connections to place.  Using students’ video compositions, interviews, and written reflections of their work in a rural community, I argue that digital storytelling provides an opportunity for students to consider how culture and identity affect audio-visual composing. Because students interact with community participants, entering into reciprocal relationships with community members can result in digital stories that are meaningful to both parties. I believe such an assignment equips students with the skills needed to become creators (as opposed to consumers) of media. I also provide guidance on how to conduct and assess audio-visual stories, including a tutorial on using enhanced video-editing software.

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