Danah Hashem, “A Week in March” Transcript

In this audiojournal, the account of each day is narrated by either myself, Danah, or my husband, Eoghan. Throughout the narration, sound effects are playing in the background. These sound effects are shown in italics below the narration lines and are layered with the text just like they are layered in the audio file. If the sound effect sound of an alarm clock and a sleepy groan falls just underneath the narration “went off this morning,” that is because the sound effect can be heard at exactly that point in the narration.

Danah’s voice narrating in a casual, conversational tone:

Monday, March 23, 2015

It was a crazy weekend! Full of good things, but Eoghan and I were both exhausted

when the alarm went off this morning.  Although, the dogs have been so good
sound of an alarm clock and a sleepy groan
recently. No one has woken us up in the middle of the night for awhile and everyone

is up for a good snuggle in the morning.
Danah: “hi, guys!” and dog shuffling and panting noises

Miss L. was out at Lawrence today, so I took her classes for the day. She only has
Student chatter and shuffling fades in and continues.

one group of freshmen, mercifully, so, it wasn’t that bad.
Students are laughing and talking. Danah can be heard talking and laughing with them.

It was actually really nice to spend some time talking with the seniors about college
Student conversation continues on in the background. More student conversation.
plans and how their years are going.

I am consistently amazed at how many hidden talents they have that only come out
Slow fade in of a student quietly rapping and
in classroom downtime or spontaneous conversation.
beat boxing in Spanish. The beat boxing continues and the narration ends while the student continues.

It was a good, long day.

Sound of the recorder being turned off.”


Eoghan’s voice narrating in a casual, conversational tone:

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I woke up this morning after three alarms went off. I’m just awful at waking up
Alarm sound in the background, interrupted by

early and it’s pretty much a requirement of the new job. I also cannot get out the
another alarm and a sleepy groan.                                                       Eoghan silly singing

door without forgetting at least 3 things.
as he leaves for work.                   Eoghan: “Actually, you know what?”

Between that and the dogs, my days don’t start very quick at all.
Danah: “what?” Eoghan: “I’m gonna grab that… uh, thing…”

Eoghan: “ I love you, lady.”
Danah: “I love you!” Eoghan: “See ya.” Danah: “Have a good day.” Eoghan laughs: “I don’t know if I will! But, we’ll see.” Door opens.

Today at the jobsite, we are adding an in-law apartment to a house.
Conversation between Eoghan and a contractor in the background.

Most of the framers only speak Portugese, so I have to give the head
Contractor’s voice: “the bedroom.” Eoghan: “Yeah, it’s good! The only change-” 

guy all the directions at once.
conversation continues in the background. Eoghan and the contractor and discussing

I got out to take the dogs to an actual dog park this afternoon,
the details in the background.                         Shuffling sounds. A dog whine.

which was really nice.                                                                          Tonight we went out
                 Eoghan: “Ok.”   A dog whines and then barks sharply.  

for Thai food with Mom and Nadia
         soft conversation fades in. Danah: “I want to try one of your mini-corns” over the sounds of dishes and silverware clanking and soft background conversation. Talking over one another slightly:

Eoghan: “Church is only, like, ten minutes from here.”

Nadia, hestitantly: “What are you recording?”

Danah, matter-of-factly: “Everything you say.”

Mom gasps.

Nadia: “seriously?”

Mom, excitedly: “Hi, kids! I’m Danah’s mom!”

Nadia: “I’m her sisterrrrr!”

Danah giggles and Mom laughs.

Nadia, in a teasing voice: “Who’s listening? Who’s in there?” over Danah and Mom laughing.

 Which, as usual, is a ton of fun.



Danah’s voice narrating in a casual, conversational tone:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This week is gonna be craaaazy. Eoghan and I both woke up early this morning so
Alarm clock sound and a sleepy groan

we could get a headstart on the day and so I could do some homework before

leaving for Lawrence.
Light switch sound. Danah groggily whispers: “morning.”

                                                        We actually woke up before the dogs, which does not
Eoghan mutters “morning.”         Good morning kiss sound. Dog shuffling sounds.  

happen often. It was definitely a tea morning.
Danah coos: “Good morning, girl!” Tea kettle whistle.   Danah: “Alright, love you!” Eoghan groggily: “I love you.” Kiss sound. Eoghan: “Have a good day.” Danah: “Have a good day.”

Miss Longo was out today and her classes are pretty autonomous, so I was actually
Fading in student conversation in the

able to do some of my homework durng the periods I covered, which was a huge
background. Typing sounds over the student conversation.   Typing sounds continue.

help.   I go back and forth on how I feel about the Lawrence hallways. Sometimes
Typing sounds. Slow fade in of noisy student chatter in the hallways. The volume of

the din and shuffle of students strikes me as vital and lively and full of laughter and
the chatter builds, as student laughter and joking gets louder and louder. Students are

then sometimes it feels claustrophobic and I just want to hear silence.
teasing one another, telling stories, chasing each other around                   – the chatter abruptly cuts to silence. 

Most times, though, when the bell rings at the end of the day, I am super ready to get
End-of-period bell rings over student chatter

home.                                                                             Eoghan got out of work early today
Danah: “Bye, guys!” Student chatter continues.  

and cleaned the house, which was an awesome surprise.
Danah: “Thank you for cleaning the house!” Eoghan:”You’re welcome!” Over the sounds of silverware in the sink, Eoghan: “I didn’t

It’s been a disaster area this semester.
clean the whole thing, just mainly the kitchen area, and, um, a little of the living room.”

Things have been so busy so it’s been like living in a warzone.   But, it’s nice to have it a
Shuffling sounds as Eoghan and Danah move around the kitchen.

little bit cleaner than usual     And all my spring plants are starting to grow!

Danah, excitedly: “Look, my little lilies are starting to grow!” Eoghan: “heyyy!”

 So, all good things!

                                   Sound of the recorder being turned off.”


Eoghan’s voice narrating in a casual, conversational tone:

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Today was a work day even though it was a Saturday. We have an apartment building that
                      Alarm clock sound and a sleepy groan                 fade in to Eoghan explaining

needs a new handyman and a lot of cleanup from the winter. One of the tenants left a
the situation to a handyman, saying “there’s the dishwasher and the fridge and the mattress

whole bunch of crap in the snow when they were moving out. I had to run to a local
and all this stuff, all that stuff under the deck. I had a bunch of tenants move out and they  

hardware store to get some replacement windows. Rook discovered popcorn machines
just left all this crap.” Conversation fades out.               Faint sounds of popcorn popping

and was quite taken with them. I love it when stores let us bring dogs inside! I tried to
more pop corn popping sounds                    shuffling sounds         Eoghan: “Come on, bud!”

spend a chunk of the afternoon training him.       I got some funny looks walking around
Eoghan: “Good boyyyy!”        Eoghan: “Come on!”

with a clicker and a treat bag, but we are really trying to get Rook ready for summertime.
Eoghan: “Good boyyyy!”

Eoghan:”Buddy, sit!” pause, clicker sound. “Good boyyyy!”

When I got home, Rook and Boussah were real happy to see each other and spent the night
Danah: “perfect, good. Right where I am trying to do homework.” Sounds of dogs wrestling.

playing bitey-face. Danah and I drank whiskey and chatted until we couldn’t stay awake.
Fade in to conversation. Eoghan can be heard talking.

Danah, conversationally: “That’s where everything terrifying lives.”

Eoghan, chuckling: “That’s true, but it’s also Danah-sized, not Eoghan-sized…”
Sound of the recorder being turned off.”


Danah’s voice narrating in a casual, conversational tone:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday. Hump Day.                                                       I was a little late getting out the door
               Alarm clock sound and a sleepy groan     Shuffling sounds and a door opening

this morning, so my whole day felt like I was running 5-10 minutes behind.
Danah, softly and sing-songy: “It’s sevennn!”

Danah, exasperatedly: “Gah! I’m running late!” Eoghan, groggily: “I love you.”
Danah: “love you.”
Students caught me humming again today which seems to be a source of endless
Danah humming softly.     Humming continues.

amusement for everyone. We were also able to get a birthday dinner with Ransom and
More humming.                                 Slow fade in of restaurant noises, conversation and

Casey in Portsmouth, which was the best.
laughing from a crowded room. Waitress: “Can I get you guys started with drinks?” Eoghan: “Oh, right! Right.” Danah: “Are you guys going to get drinks?”
We got to hear about their trip to New Zealand, 
Ransom: “I will certainly get a water.     Conversation continues on indistinguishably in

talk about our dogs, eat half-priced sushi, it was glorious!
the background. Laughing and talking from all different voices is heard.

The conversation continues. Ransom: “Did you tell Danah about our wild animal experiences?” Danah gasps. Casey, confidentially: “there were a lot of seals.” Danah: “Ah! Really? You saw more than one??” Casey: “Oh, so many.”
                        Weirdly, the best part of the day was the car ride up to see them with Eoghan.
Danah: “I want to hear alllll about it!” Conversation fades out.
We’ve gotten so little time together recently, that it was fun to just sit in the car, catch up,
Soft conversation in the background.                                                           Fade in to music with

and hang out.
Danah and Eoghan singing along in silly, enthusiastic voices:
“Home! Let me go ho—o-o-ome. Home is wherever I’m with you!”

Danah and Eoghan sing along with the instrumental section, mimicking trumpets and bass drums, laughing as they sing.

Lyrics continue: “Darling, I’m coming home!”

Danah stops singing to say, laughing: “Ohhhh, did a dog fart??” as the music continues in the background.

Eoghan: “Yep!” Danah laughs.

Eoghan, goodnaturedly: “That’s my life!!”

Danah, laughing: “Dogs! Why??”

[Music playing in the background fades and cuts to silence.]