Looking Back, Looking Forward

Twenty Years of Kairos

Kairos Volume 1, Issue 1

Twenty years after the first issue of Kairos in 1996, the journal continues to publish innovative and interesting work in rhetoric, pedagogy, and technology. Two scholars looked at the first issue of Kairos to examine the relevancy and impact of the content. The first, Jim Kalmbach, is a senior scholar in the field, while the second, Lydia Welker, is a first-year graduate student new to rhetoric and digital publishing. Together, the two texts in "Looking Back, Looking Forward" provide a review of Kairos 1.1 from both an experienced and beginning perspective.

About the Authors

Jim Kalmbach

Jim Kalmbach recently retired from Illinois State University. He is the author of The Computer and the Page: Publishing, Technology, the the Classroom and co-editor (with Cheryl E. Ball) of RAW: Reading and Writing New Media.

Lydia Welker

Lydia Welker is a first-year graduate student at West Virginia University studying Professional Writing and Editing. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing from Missouri State University.