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Conceptual Considerations: Digital Civic Engagement, Gendered Rhetorical Spaces, and Cyberfeminism

This section reviews the theoretical concepts that I suggest can provide a useful context for understanding the rhetorical interactions that characterize social media sites, including Pinterest. Namely, I review the concepts of digital civic engagement and digital citizenship; gendered rhetorical spaces on social media; and cyberfeminism. These concepts can be applied to Pinterest and other social media sites to understand the rhetorical practices and interactions that characterize this space.

As I argue via the case study examples in this webtext, everyday composing practices on social media sites, from sharing and/or liking content to comments and comment-thread discussions, are significant rhetorical engagements. Although liking or sharing a post may not seem like much of a rhetorical contribution—and, as Cindy Kay Tekobbe (2013) argued, it is often denigrated and discussed as a lesser form of digital literacy—the interactions that occur on social media sites are examples of frequently occurring public rhetoric and composing practices. As these composing practices are significant to those who engage with them in their everyday lives, they are equally worthy of our attention as researchers and educators; see, for instance, Stephanie Vie (2007) and Cynthia L. Selfe (1999).

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