Intimacy and Friendship on Facebook

by Alex Lambert

A Critical Review by Valerie Robin


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Valerie tweets from conferences such as CCCC and Computers and Writing. Look for her opinions and quotes during conference times.



Photo of reviewer Valerie Robin About Me


Valerie Robin is a PhD candidate at Georgia State University where she studies Rhetoric and Composition with an emphasis in computers and writing. She is the senior editor at the online journal Hybrid Pedagogy and thoroughly enjoys the camaraderie involved in synchronous hashtag discussions. 

She organizes conferences and loves to attend them too, and is interested in spreading some digital literacy around. She gets to do this as a Student Innovation Fellow this year at GSU.

Valerie is also a visual artist, and loves to work with paper and knives, which is probably also why she loves cooking. She tries to incorporate all of these interests into her teaching and research because she believes that everything ultimately comes back to human interaction and culture.

You can follow her on Twitter @vrobin1000.