Digital Divergence, Digital Complexity

Complex Worlds, a collection edited by Adrienne P. Lamberti and Anne R. Richards, embraces "the entrenchment of digital technology in the field of English studies" (p. 1). It also realizes that digital culture changes the landscape of rhetoric and professional communication. This edited collection proceeds carefully to describe, with "a rhetorically informed approach," the "complicated and often-fraught contexts, both in classrooms and in countless communities of practice around the world" where digital technology and communication practices interoperate (p. 1). Readers of Kairos will find in this collection the very rhetorical, technological, and pedagogical principles on which the journal is founded. More specifically, those scholars interested broadly in cultural studies, accessibility and the digital divide, critical pedagogy, and also intercultural communication will find here a collection of thoughtful essays in the technical and professional communication context. These topics are also explored in related fields such as journalism, rhetoric, and English-language teaching (p. 11).