Interview: Dr. William Endres

Dr. William Endres, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Kentucky, studies insular illuminated manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells and the St. Chad Gospels, and the role rhetoric plays in how we migrate into a visual world from one that is based in text.

While the interview has been broken into chapters below, the full interview runs 1 hour 6 minutes and can be found after the segmented mp3 audio files that you can download. A full-text transcript is also available in PDF format.

1. What Do You Call Yourself? (3mb)

2. Illuminated Manuscript Research: Book of Kells and the St. Chad Gospels (11.5mb)

3. How Might Illuminated Manuscripts Help Us Understand Contemporary Digital Innovations? (8.5mb)

4. How Does Your Background as a Poet Influence Your Experience of Kairos? (6.7mb)

5. Surrealism, Kairos, and Illuminated Texts: A Surprise Around Every Corner (4.7mb)

6. The Future of Marginalia: Particle Accelerators (10.2mb)

7. The Digital as a Methodology (5.4mb)

8. The Future of Computers & Writing: 3D Imaging (7.4mb)

9. Who Are Your Scholarly Influences? (3.5mb)

10. Full Interview of Dr. William Endres (61mb)


Transcript: Full Interview of Dr. William Endres (pdf)

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