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System Requirements: Res publica
Having thus drawn the terms of the conflict, the author goes on to enlarge upon the essential role of public space in a democratic society, particularly as expressed in the public-forum doctrine. Chapter two grounds the importance of public forums in legal-historical, philosophic and constitutional terms. In addition to these theoretical arguments for the value of public space, there is also Sunstein's "daimonical"1 justification of the above, which ends Chapter 2 and forms the bulk of the next three chapters. The consequences of allowing the private to encroach on the public would be threefold: fragmentation of society, an inability to properly process and make use of information, and, lastly, an undermining of the notion of democratic freedom resulting from its conflation with the notion of unlimited choice.
1. By reference to Socrates's daimonion (Apology, 31d) that, the philosopher claimed, warned him not to act in a certain way, I am calling "daimonical" the arguments Sunstein gives against allowing the private realm to take over the attributes of the public space.