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Acknowledgments and credits

We would like to acknowledge the careful review of Kairos's editors and reviewers and particularly the detailed feedback we received from Beth L. Hewett, Cheryl Ball, and two anonymous reviewers. We would also like to acknowledge the generous material and intellectual support of the Center for Writing Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Patrick Berry
would like to thank the "actors" in his data node, especially Emma Berry, his daughter; Rebecca Bilbro and Kim Parker, both graduate students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Richard Nickson, poet and Editor of The Independent Shavian. Ranging in age from seven to ninety, each has informed his understanding of literacy, history, and rhetorical action.

Paul Prior would like to thank all the contributors to this webtext not only for their work here but for years of rich dialogues and fascinating cases that have helped reshape his vision of literate activity. He would also like to thank Debra Hawhee for taking the time to walk him so expertly through some of the Greek text of Plato's dialogues on writing and souls.

Karen J. Lunsford gratefully thanks two sources for funding and supporting her research for her data node: a) the Distributed Knowledge Research Collaborative, under the auspices of a U.S. National Science Foundation, Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence grant (award 9980182), and b) the Center for Advanced Study, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The findings do not necessarily reflect the views of these agencies.

Kevin Roozen would like to thank Brian for walking him through the full landscape of his richly literate life and his willingness to help him understand it over the two years they conducted this research. Kevin could hardly ask for a better co-researcher. To the other members of Big Dog Eat Child, he'd like to say how much he appreciates the opportunity to watch, explore, and laugh along with their comedy performances. He would also like to thank everyone who came together to create Remediating the Canons for continually prompting him to understand and imagine writing in new and exciting ways.

Janine Solberg would like acknowledge the following souces of images she used in Re-membering identity:

  • Color image of the antique Underwood typewriter is courtesy of the Martin Howard Collection.
  • Fisher, Dorothy Canfield. [image of stenographer driving car with typewriter in back and inkpot in front]
  • Line drawing of woman seated at typewriter. (1927, November). In Independent woman: Magazine for women's business and professional clubs. VI, p. 23.

Derek Van Ittersum would like to thank the many people who agreed to discuss and demonstrate their computer writing practices, often during several formal interviews and more informally in hallways, through email, and on the phone.  He is especially grateful to those who consented to having their screen images published in this piece. Derek would also like to acknowledge the following sources for images in his webtext:

  • Flashlight:
  • Greek Ruins:
  • Notebook:
  • Memory Stick:
  • Memory Stick Rows in header image: