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News From the Moo. . . CWTA and You?

All about the Computers and Writing Teaching Assistants' Alliance

      On Tuesday, November 14, the inaugural meeting of the CWTA was held at the Tuesday Cafe on Mediamoo, as part of the continuing weekly discussions of the Netoric project*. Hosted by Mike Salvo, this meeting was intended as a discussion of possibilities for an alliance of computers and writing graduate teaching assistants. Mike sent out this invitation to several lists:

Working Towards the Future: Earning Recognition for Technical Experience *Sponsored by the CWTA (Computers and Writing Teaching Assistants Alliance)

The CWTA is a newly formed Alliance of Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, and Adjunct Faculty dedicated to improving the position of graduate students working with technology in the teaching of Writing, Composition, Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Literature, and Writing Across the Curriculum.

Inspired by the Wyoming Resolution, the CWTA seeks to unite Graduate Student Workers in the establishment of clear, fair, and reasonable responsibilities, compensation, and job descriptions.

The CWTA leads this session in order to determine the needs of Graduate Students working in the field while generating discussion about the organization itself. What needs to be done? What needs to be done *first*? What can an organization like this hope to do?

The session will be led by Michael J. Salvo (aka MikeS) with the primary goals of establishing dialogue about these issues and generating interest in this new organization. We hope to see you there!


      In the following pages I have included excerpts from the dialogue, arranged in four thematic clusters: introductions; tales of woe and descriptions of our situations as graduate students and adjunct faculty; shaping the CWTA to best meet the needs of its constituents; and finally a quick summary of the major points. During the editing process, the dialogue has lost much of its playfulness and spontaneity--to fully appreciate the discussion, and to place these comments in context, you can peruse the full moo-log for Tuesday, November 14, 1995 at

      To find out more about the history of the CWTA and why you may want to join, see the "CWTA and You: Editorial."

Onward!On to the discussion!

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*For more information about the Netoric Project, be sure to see Corey Wick's Inter-moo with Greg Siering and Tari Fanderclai, Netoric Project Coordinators (and CWTA activists).

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