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Guide for Prospective Authors: CoverWeb Submissions


Please see the General Guidelines for additional information.

Submission procedures:

  • Include a common works cited page for all authors contributing to a webtext. Works cited pages can be done in APA, MLA, or another common style as long as the webtext follows the selected style throughout.
  • ZIP all files and email it as an attachment to <kcoverweb@technorhetoric.net>. If your ZIP file is over 3 MB, please contact the editors in advance at the above email address to secure an FTP delivery method.
  • In your email, please provide contact information for the lead/contact author. This person must be available via email during the summer months. In addition, each submission must include a 50-word abstract provided in the email cover letter (separate attachments are acceptable).
  • It is the authorís responsibility to secure permissions in advance of submission for any documents used, including (but not limited to) student writing examples, in-class discussion quotes, and large amounts of images used from other sources as part of the design. Please include a note in the email cover letter acknowledging these permissions.

Some Usability/Accessibility Guidelines:

  • Provide ALT tags for all images, especially graphics-based menus.
  • When using images, video, or sound, please make these file types as web-friendly as possible via slicing and compression.
  • Set table widths no larger than 700 pixels, when possible. Please try not to use the default table width of 100 percent to accommodate readability on larger screens.
  • Set external links to open in a new browser window (using target="link").
  • Please seek advance permission from the CoverWeb editors to create webtexts in Microsoft Word.
  • Using linked CSS is preferable to inline style sheets.
  • If you employ Templates (such as a Dreamweaver .dwt file) or Flash files, please be prepared to send your editable files to editors should your text be accepted for publication.