ENFI and MOO are different but related concepts. One way to think about ENFI is as a descriptive and inclusive description for a particular pedagogical ideology. Therefore, MOO-based teaching can be - but is not necessarily - ENFI. If MOO-based teaching is aimed at increasing student-to-student text-based interaction, then it is ENFI teaching. If the goal is not clearly to increase student-centered dialogic interaction, MOO teaching might not be ENFI. Daedalus online defines the relationship this way:
While MUDs are not officially listed as ENFI if you look in the articles, you'll find that they have the same basic pedagogical functions and use essentially the same sorts of communication tools. What they add that is generally NOT defined as part of ENFI is object-oriented tools.
In the class described in this web, the MOO-based teaching was designed to encourage and support peer-to-peer communication and to foreground writing such that written English became an immersive communication environment. See also Michael Day and Trent Batsonís Network-Based Writing Classroom.

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