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And actually, 


the changes we've made to the text to move it from live performance to textual performance might be worth a little study some other time. But a couple of issues merit attention now. 

One: we've used colors instead of names to help distinguish speakers and functions within the text. 

You may resist this move (some readers do, anyway) because of an urge to "know" which words are Kathleen's, which are John's, and so on. But there's no point in it, as you'll see when you realize that there are more colors (voices, characters) than there were speakers (i.e., live participants) at the performance. That is, matching them up wouldn't tell you what you think it would.

Two: the roles in "Not . . . Convergence" were not even finally assigned prior to the performance. We flipped a coin, in front of the audience, to see who would play which voice/s. 

So this was an experiment in it's original, live, form, and it's a further experiment taking it to webtext form. We hope you can read it in that spirit, and join us in the experiment.