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MYKA VIELSTIMMIG, most often, is the Author projected (one could say) by the electronic writing partnership of Kathleen Blake Yancey, of the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, and Michael Spooner, of Utah State University (in alphabetical order by institution, heh heh). However, on this occasion, Myka includes several other members. Michael and Kathleen wrote the script, but in performance at Computers & Writing 1998, the group included John Barber (recently moved to Midas Rex Institute, Ft. Worth), Dene Grigar (Texas Woman's University), Tina Perdue (Indiana University of PA), and Michael Williamson (Indiana University of PA). You'll notice which two slackers in the group still don't have personal websites. 

You probably know that "vielstimmig" is German for "many-voiced." There is plenty to say about multivocal, collaborated authorship and what it implies for ideas about writer identity. This interesting area of composition studies is explored in articles and chapters by those who theorize collaboration in writing. Myka V. has offered a chapter or two in this effort, as have Yancey and Spooner. See Works Cited