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Classroom Spotlight 
by David Schelle  
Every student from David Schelle's high school honors english class has been published. Schelle's senior composition class earns first-year composition credit through Mesa State College and has evolved into a totally online class.  

Why I am Not a Postmodernist 
by Edward R. Friedlander, M.D.  
This doesn't respond to anything that's been published in Kairos ... or does it? Who said response had to be linear, anyway? The good doctor said we could re-publish this rather famous piece of netwriting, and we think our readers might have an inkling to respond to it.  

hosted by LinguaMOO  
What's C-Fest? Depends on when you ask. Right now, it's been a series of  MOO meetings to ponder ...  

  • the state of the academic job market; 
  • the state of graduate programs; 
  • the state of institutional budgets; 
  • and the state of some of our professional organizations. 
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KMTA is an interactive series featuring the authors of Kairos webtexts hosted and coordinated in association with the journal's electronic partner, LinguaMOO. 


KAIROS Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments.
Vol. 3 No. 1. Spring 1998