Hypertext Fiction & Poetry
Kairos: A Journal For Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments

Kairos  is a hypertext journal exploring all aspects of the pedagogical and scholarly uses of hypertext, written in hypertextual format(s). It is designed to serve as a resource for teachers, researchers, and tutors of writing, including: Technical Writing, Business Writing, Professional Communication, Creative Writing, Composition, Literature and a wide variety of humanities-based scholarship.

The Coverweb project is a multi-vocal, multi-linear hypertext collaboratively written and reviewed for each issue of the journal.

Please visit our homesite [http://english.ttu.edu/kairos/] to explore previous Coverwebs, examining OWLs; MOOs & MUDs in education; Technology & Tenure; Gender & Electronic Communication; and Intellectual Property.

The Coverweb topic for issue 4.1 is "Hypertext Fiction & Poetry: Re-Writing the Writing Classroom." The actual implementation of this topic is open to interpretation; all proposals will be considered.

Proposals are also sought for future Coverweb topics and CoverWeb Coordinators.

Address questions and inquiries to CoverWeb Editor Douglas Eyman at: eymand@wilmington.net

Kairos  is sponsored by the national Alliance for Computers and Writing, http://english.ttu.edu/acw/