Train Students


While teacher-training can help prepare instructors to deal with aggressive student behavior, instructors cannot keep students from acting out in harassing or offensive ways. We must depend on the knowledge and integrity of our students for that. To promote those characteristics, each of us must take the responsible to teach students appropriate behavior for webbed environments. Teaching the ethics of on-line communication must be a part of any course in which students participate in computer mediated instruction. To compliment in-class discussion, various netiquette guides can be found on the web.

In addition to teaching netiquette, we must strengthen our efforts to reduce sexism, racism, homophobia and other biases in the classroom. Making these issues a part of classroom discussions can guide students toward tolerance and understanding (For a discussion of critical pedagogy and student-to-teacher harassment, see Ferganchick-Neufang, "Women's Work and Critical Pedagogy") .


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