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Epiphany Institute: Interesting Thought #15

The world, or at least that portion of the world that is still under 35, does seem to be receding from me (or I from it), rushing toward a vanishing point that I can not longer fully make out. And the intelligence that comes back to me seems strangely garbled, full of metaphors and fragments -- things like "JavaScript, Web Monkey, and Active X." I get e-mail from my graduate students with subject lines that read "You can't do this, can you?" I suppose that's how we teach these days ... In an era of digital informating, there isn't any other way to be but modern in its roots sense of "living in the now." But since now always unceasingly becomes then ... no one is not held by that horizon of change. The horizon is not rational (or Newtonian), but post-rational (or virtual). Not a place, but a condition.
-- Stuart Moulthrop

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