Collaborative Spaces and Education

Daniel Anderson
Joi Lynne Chevalier

University of Texas at Austin


This project offers a window into our work. We take a close look at teaching with the Internet, present assignments and survey student and teacher projects. Along the way we present explanatory narratives or discuss theoretical issues and connections. Our aim, however, is more akin to propping open our classroom doors, than constructing an analytical frame for our pedagogy.

As a way of formulating a more precise angle, however, we'd like to think that this hypertext enacts some of our theories and pedagogies. Since we try to promote distributed learning and collaboration, we've opened this text to reader contributions. We believe that the more participation we are able to facilitate with this project, the more successfully we will have conveyed the ideas and approaches that inform all of our work.

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Daniel Anderson
teaches literature and composition at the University of Texas. He has taught classes using the Web since the fall of 1994 and is the developer of numerous educational Web sites, including The Women of the Romantic Period Hypertext, The American Literature Survey Site and Allyn & Bacon's CompSite. His forthcoming book, Connections: A Guide to On-Line Writing, teaches Internet research, collaboration and composition by grounding instruction in concerns of argument, audience, purpose, context and media. In the Fall of 1997, he will begin teaching for the Rhetoric, Composition and Literacy program at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Joi Lynne Chevalier
is a doctoral student in Renaissance Literature at The University of Texas at Austin. Her dissertation, "Of Calling Shapes, Beckoning Shadows and Airy Tongues": Weaving Comus, Multi-User Shared Environments and the World Wide Web" discusses virtual environments and literary studies. In addition to developing The Foreign Realms, a MUSH space which examines virtual representations of historical periods, Joi is creating a MUSH space devoted to Milton's Comus, as well as developing corporate virtual environments. She is also known as the RedQueen in CheshireMOO, an academic and instructional environment. Despite spending most of her time in a virtual existence, she occasionally makes appearances at the CWRL at UT Austin and at Activerse Inc., an Austin-based software company.

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Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments.
Vol. 2 No. 1 Spring 1997