Anatomy of an Article
Joseph Janangelo

By listening to the reflections of Jonathan, Jane and Patti, we learn about the importance of maintaining high levels of dedication, collaboration, and creative energy over time in order to move a scholarly project forward (via numerous drafts and public performances) to publication.


Of particular importance to undergraduate researchers and their mentors, the film also sheds light on the supportive and rigorous manuscript review and editorial processes of Young Scholars in Writing, a scholarly journal devoted to publishing undergraduate research in rhetoric and composition.


The film also features the voice and image of its creator and director, Sylwester Zabielski, whose questions and comments invite Jonathan, Jane, and Patti to reflect on the article's major streams of input. Each participant provides important suggestions, ideas, and resources in order to help Jonathan move his self-sponsored, passionate project into a published essay.

"Anatomy of an Article" is a short film by Sylwester Zabielski. We hope it will be useful to students who are interested in revising and polishing their work for publication and to faculty members (in both writing centers and classrooms) who are working hard to mentor students as they pursue their goals.

The film features the faces and voices of author Jonathan Pearson and his mentors Professor Jane Greer and Professor Patti Hanlon-Baker. The participants' ideas and comments shed light on their strong and generous commitment to learning more about a subject and to mentoring student writing.