Of Two Minds Review -- A Feel for Prose: Reviewer's Plea

For some reason, I feel obligated to speak to the form of this book review. In traditional form a book review cannot accomplish the task that Joyce calls constructive. I have merely added my words to his, marginally, and you will click through my links and read my annotations and perhaps write annotations of your own--margins to my margins--many of yours being more insightful and valuable. The opportunity afforded us through an electronic journal is, however, a constructive one. The ability to reconstrue what happens through publication of reviews like this one and alter that activity in an attempt to make it more individually valuable is, I think, Joyce's vision. This being the case, and in a completely selfish maneuver, I have added the respond buttons so that we can share our marginal comments and enter a discussion (or narrative) that will "recognize, resist, appropriate, possess," and possibly "replace" this existing contour.