Of Two Minds Review -- Overview

In Of Two Minds , the University of Michigan Press combines a collection of essays and speeches by Michael Joyce, co-creator of Storyspace. This collection adds a needed aspect of scholarship to the growing field of hypertext studies by combining the work of poets, artists, teachers, scientists and feminists and shaping their insights into a uniquely effective method of inquiry that illuminates emerging perspectives in using technology for teaching and writing. Of Two Minds  joins George Landow's Hypertext  and Jay Bolter's Writing Space  in defining the current of issues, conflicts, and future dreams in hypertext studies.

Each of Joyce's essays winds in and around the others, in many areas repeating what has gone before, but connecting within a different context--like a hypertext in print. Through this collection Joyce demonstrates how hypertext and electronic writing are much more than new tools for completing the same old task.

Of Two Minds  is divided into three sections; Of Two Minds, Siren Shapes, and Contours.