Working Class Studies and the Future of Work (1/97)

Call For Papers

The Third Biennial Conference of the Center for Working Class Studies at Youngstown State University

June 11-14, 1997
Youngstown, Ohio

We invite proposals for presentations, panels, workshops, performances, exhibits, and readings that address these questions as well as other aspects of working class life and working class culture. Areas of exploration include literature of and by the working class; social, labor and oral history; material and popular culture; current workplace issues; journalism; fine, graphic and performance art; multiculturalism; ethnography, biography, autobiography; and personal narratives of work.

Presenters should describe their project with a suggested presentation format.
Submissions should be between 250 to 300 words and must be received by January 2, 1997.

Address correspondence to Sherry Linkon,
American Studies Program,
Youngstown State University,
Youngstown, OH 44555.

For further information contact John Russo, (330) 742-1783.

E-mail inquiries to Sherry Linkon at sjlinkon@cc.ysu.edu.

Center for Working Class Studies:

Sherry Linkon, American Studies Program;
Bill Mullen, English Department;
Linda Strom, Women's Studies Center;
Susan Russo, Art Department;
John Russo, Labor Studies Program.

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