CoverWeb OverView
Anthony Rue and Jane Love


Hypertextualizing Autobiography
Laura Sullivan

Being In Pictures
Michelle Glaros

Electronic Monumentality
Barry J. Mauer

Using MOOs as an Avenue of Critical Thought
Matthew McKinzie

Terrortories: The Uncharted Space of a Networked Writing Course
Rebecca Moss

Jazz and the Scene of Writing: 9 Variations on a Post-Theme
Michael A. Laffey

The editors suggest starting with Anthony Rue and Jane Love's CoverWeb Overviews of the NWE and the NWE Practicum for an orienting perspective on the project. For an introduction to the CoverWeb concept, see Michael J. Salvo's LoggingOn  piece about the promises and pitfalls of multi-vocal academic texts. If you have questions, problems, concerns, and even if you have good things to say, please use the mailto: link under the navigation bars.

There are links in the left-hand column of this page to the CoverWeb OverViews and instructions for navigating the OverViews to the CoverWeb. The Help!  document contains navigation advice as well as brief synopses of each contribution.

CoverWeb Coordinators: Anthony Rue and Jane Love
Reviewers: Lee Honeycutt, Steve Krause, Richard Selfe

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