Pull Up a Chair

By Amy Hanson and Elizabeth Pass

As composition/technical communication/rhetoric scholars, we are interested in quantitative and qualitative research in this field, and we are equally (if not more) interested in seeing methodologically sound research published in the journals of this field. For these reasons, we attended the Research Network Forum, pre-convention workshop at CCCC this year in Milwaukee; this workshop is unique in that it provides a true forum for researchers to share their work with other researchers who have similar interests, to get feedback, suggestions, and support, and to consider all of the many questions that researchers in our field are concerned with. The Research Network Forum Roundtables provide a place for fellow researchers to share ideas, information, and resources.

During the lunch break, discussion, spearheaded by Victor Vitanza, turned to creating virtual roundtables that would serve as a Research Network Forum throughout the year, so that researchers could get more than one day-long workshop's worth of discussion. The central focus of the discussion has been that researchers are not only looking for insight about their projects; most are also hoping to have that research published. Thus, the virtual roundtables would begin as a discussion between researchers and editors, a give-and-take between those hoping to have their research published and those who would be publishing it--the ultimate goal, high quality research articles published in a variety of journals.

The idea is born. The Research Network Forum: Editors' Metaphoric Table/s are HyperNews discussions just waiting for researchers and editors; they provide a "place" for discussions, suggestions, and even disagreements, an opportunity to learn about other research and to build on that research so that our field is not continuously "re-inventing the wheel." So, check out the Research Network Forum: Editors' Metaphoric Table/s. See what other researchers have to say, and join in the discussion yourself. There's room for everyone at the table.

Amy Hanson

Elizabeth Pass

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    Vol. 1 No. 2 Summer 1996