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Beyond the MLA Handbook:
Documenting Electronic Sources on the Internet

Andrew Harnack and Gene Kleppinger

When our rhetoric students need to cite Internet sources in their writing projects, we've found some helpful (but often confusing) style sheets on the net. We like the simplicity of Janice Walker's "MLA-Style Citations for Electronic Sources." We note difficulties, however, with her citation of some Internet source information. Other style sheets are similarly inadequate. In our essay linked to this issue of Kairos, we identify four areas of citation practice needing improvement and recommend better models.

We think teachers of writing in webbed environments will encounter many situations where students need to know how to cite Internet sources effectively. We would like to receive comments both on the details of our citation style and on the feasibility of using our models in electronic publishing.

We invite all KAIROS readers to peruse our full paper which

  • explores the multiplicity of styles currently recommended for MLA-style citations of Internet sources,
  • offers creative solutions for some unresolved stylistic ambiguities, and
  • includes--best of all!--a style sheet suitable for distribution to students and researchers.
  • To pique your interest, here are two of our recommended Works Cited models:

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              virginia.edu> via <listserv@jefferson.village.virginia.edu> 
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    For a page cited indirectly:

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              Honors Program Home Page, at "Personal Pages."  
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    We welcome your comments immediately, as this material plays a significant role in our forthcoming book (tentatively) titled online: a reference guide for using Internet sources, to be published January 1997 by St. Martin's Press.

    Andrew Harnack <engharnack@acs.eku.edu>
    Gene Kleppinger <phiklepp@acs.eku.edu>

  • Beyond the MLA Handbook (Authors' living text version)
  • Beyond the MLA Handbook (as published in Kairos  for Spring 1996)
  • Janice Walker's response to Harnack and Kleppinger

    KAIROS Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments.
    Vol. 1 No. 2 Summer 1996